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Masterflex Pump Tubing :

Masterflex Tubing is include with Silicone Tubing, Tygon Tubing, Thermo Scientific Tubing under series PS Tubing, IP Tubing, BT Tubing, FH Tubing. Burt Process Equiment is the largest distributor of Masterflex Pumps Tubing.

Masterflex Tubing L/S & P/S is available with Precision Tubing, High-Performance Tubing, High-Pressure Tubing

Masterflex IP Tubing provides Precision IP Tubing and High-Performance IP Tubing. For each series, flow rates are approximate- calculated under the following conditions: 0psig at inlet, 0.5 at outlet, water temperature at 22°C or 72°F

There are two types of Masterflex Tubing one is BT87 another one is BT91 under Masterflex Pumps Tubing Size. There have some specifications like: approximate flow range with 30 to 321 rpm drive is 0.3 to 17.7 LPM and 1 to 37 LPM for BT87 and BT91, maximum vacuum† is 26inch Hg, Suction Lift† is 29ft H2O and some other specifications. Each of the series are silicon type Masterflex Tubing.

Masterflex Tubing FH family are highly durable, accurate pumps. Which have proven ideal for a wide variety of fluid handling applications— from laboratory and research to plant and production floor.

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